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    Transmission for electric and combustion engines Our gear box is suitable for electric... more

    Transmission for electric and combustion engines
    Our gear box is suitable for electric motors from 3KW as well as combustion engines from 1PS and the use with Jet drives.
    The helical gears here ensure a high transmission performance and vibration-free running.

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    Suitable for two co-rotating shafts with a distance of 80mm.

    Good to know!
    The gearbox is not filled with oil before shipment to avoid contamination in the package. Therefore, the filling with gear oil, before use, urgently necessary.

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    Length: 122mm (4,8")
    Width: 30mm (1,18")
    Height: 47mm (1,85")
    Shaft distance: 80mm (3,15")
    Speed up: 17%
    Inlet /Outlet shaft: 7mm (0,27")
    Material: Aluminium - black anodized
    Max. rpm 25.000
    Max. load capacity: 10KW
  • FAQ
  • Which oil should I use to fill my gearbox?
    We recommend the use of our gear oil 1915-G

    How much gear oil should I fill?
    You should fill in 10-15cc gear oil. Under no circumstances should the gearbox be completely flooded with oil.

    How often should I refill my gearbox with oil?
    We recommend to check the oil level 3-4x per season and top up if necessary.

    My boat was completely flooded with water now what?
    The old oil must be completely drained from the gear box. Then clean the gearbox with spirit (this binds water) and benzine.
    Thereafter, the gearbox can be refilled with oil and put into operation.

    My gear loses oil
    Please check if actually only 10-15ccm oil was filled. Felt discs on the output shafts help to prevent contamination.
    To be on the safe side, you can use our rubber cuff set here # 1543-S

    Why do not you use Simmerrings?
    Simmerrings would affect the smooth running of the transmission, so that this would no longer be suitable for electric motors.

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