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  • 1722-5
    You want it uncomplicated? Choose our Powertrain then. Finish with endless fiddly jobs and... more

    You want it uncomplicated?
    Choose our Powertrain then. Finish with endless fiddly jobs and complicated assembly. Whether for our surfboard or another project of your choice is up to you - considerable ease of construction is guaranteed.

    Why do I need this Powertrain?
    The Powertrian is deliverd assembled optional with or without ESC. Therefore it needs to be attached to your MHZ Watercraft surfboard with the included screws only. The required sealing is included to the board itself already. Therefore a separat RC Box is not required. Of course the Powertrain can also be used for your individual project. We recommend sealing with cellular rubber band or polymer caulk then.

    Premounted Powertrain includes:

    - Jet 64 Booster
    - Coupling 1722-2.1
    - MHZ – Scorpion 7455-320 KV motor
    - MGM TMM 40063-3 X2–SERIES PRO ESC (optional regarding to your choosed version)
    - Suitable motor mount (front + back) for our MHZ–Scorpion 7455-320
    - ESC mount
    - Jet mount
    - Transition nipple M6
    - Attachment screws
    - Hose mounts
    - Silicon hose 4mm
    - Cooling water outlet
    - Secure clamps

    Good to know!
    Please note the operating instructions and the information contained therein before usage. The Jet must be greased before usage. 

    Questions regarding your project?
    Contact us through the "questions concerning this product" button.

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  • Datas Powertrain plate

    Length bottom plate: 500mm (19,7")
    Width bottom plate: 140mm (5,5")
    Height Powertrain: 115mm (4,5")
    Width Powertrain: 140mm (5,5")
    Material: Aluminium 7075
    Color: Anodized black
    Max. connection voltage: 14S
    Weight: Approx. 5100g


    Datas Jet 64 

    Length: 250mm (9,84")
    Width: 96mm (3,78")
    Height: 100mm (3,94")
    Shaft: 9 x 15mm (0,35 x 0,59")
    Impeller: 64mm (2,52")
    Weight: 940g
    Static thrust: max. 400N
    Required rpm: 16.000 - 17.000
    Mimimum required power: 6 KW current (max. 14KW)
    Version: Booster
    Salt water resistant: just flush with fresh water after usage
    Cooling nipple: M5
    Delivery rate at 17.000rpm 44 liter per second


    Datas Motor 

    Current power: 14kW
    Peak output: 22,4kW
    Max. rotation: 17500upm
    Rotation: 320KV
    No load current: 9,1A
    Max. V: 56V
    Max. pulse current: 400A
    Continuous current: 250A
    Weight: 2200g
    Shaft diameter: 12mm (0,47")
    Length motor shaft front: 40mm (1,57")
    Length motor shaft back: 14,5mm (0,57")
    Total length: 106mm (4,17")
    Diameter: 86mm (3,39")
    Diameter stator: 74mm (2,91")
    Length stator: 55mm (2,17")
    Motor Timing: 24° or more
    Frequency: 8 kHz
    Material: high quality aluminium and steel
    Magnet poles: 20  (100% identic neodym magnets)
    Winding: 2 Turn Delta winding
    Attachment: 6 x M5 screws
    Bolt circle:
    45mm (1,77")
    Torque: 5,2Nm


    Datas MGM ESC

    Max. peak (5 sec..): 500A
    Max. continuoes current (for full throttle):  400A
    Operation voltage: 12-63V
    Weight without power conductors: 460g
    Servocable cross-section: 0,25qmm
    Length of the servocable: 190mm
    Max RPMs: 250.000
    Number of regulation steps:  2048
    Motor PWM frequency: 8 - 32 kHz
    On-state switch (FETs) resistance at 25 °C: 2 × 0.53 mW
    Li-Pol, Li-Ion: 4 - 15
    Available BEC / OPTO versions: OPTO
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